What are customers are saying...

We recently moved to Fargo and purchased a home. When deciding on a home inspection service, I chose Northern States Inspection to do mine because they did both the home and radon inspections. They also provided other services, which I liked.

Mr. Manock was thorough and personable during the inspection. He not only inspected all features of the home, but further explained maintenance things that I should do in the future. This was helpful when moving to a new area, and especially one that has a cold climate. Following the inspection, Mr. Manock provided a detailed report with pictures of the defects found. His work was expeditious and professional.

I would certainly use Northern States Inspection service again, and recommend them to anyone needing a home and/or radon inspection.
— Vern Luft

On September 9, 2011, my husband and I had a home inspection done by Mr. Craig A. Manock of Northern States Inspection. The house inspected is at 3221 42 Ave S in Fargo, ND. I have been amiss by not sending you this letter sooner and must correct this error.

My husband and I have been married for 47 years and purchased many homes over the years. We have had home inspections throughout the years. The inspection Mr. Manock provided for us was by far the best inspection we have ever received. We were provided with a 31-page document that provided more information than I thought would have ever been possible. There was information on the interior, exterior, roof system, foundation, structural framing, electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling system, even the deck, and garage door dents was mentioned. I do not impress easily but I was incredibly impressed with this inspection. He not only provided us with a full written report but also explained to me in detail, everything about the house.

Mr. Manock was completely professional in his manner and appearance. He was comfortable with his actions and confident with his decisions concerning our purchase. He generated complete trust in his knowledge and opinion. If we were to purchase another home in this area, we would absolutely request his assistance with an inspection.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I would be happy to assist you.
— Earlene O. LaLonde

We used Northern States Inspection to inspect the home we purchased. The process was educational and helpful, Craig was courteous and thorough. We were completely satisfied and give Northern States a thumbs up recommendation!
— Gerold & Marie Grieger

We would highly recommend Northern States Inspection. They were efficient, professional and communication Is excellent. Thank you!!
— The Satoris Family

Thank you for allowing me to comment on our home inspection. My husband, Tim, was present during the inspection process. He was most impressed with the thorough inspection and the fact that he was allowed to ask as many questions as he wished. I was impressed with the written report, including pictures, that we received. This report made it very easy for me to see what items needed to be addressed. Once I reviewed the report, I made a call to Craig with many questions and concerns. Craig was most happy to answer my questions and spent a great deal of time with me on the phone. I am very pleased with the service and feel we received the most for our money
— Sherrie Moore

I can not say enough about Craig with Northern States Inspection, he was thorough, answered all questions, made several suggestions, and was very trust worthy. Also we had a great visit, I would recommend Northern States Inspection to all my family and friends with convenience.
— Lina Highland

Craig was very knowledgeable and open to any questions that I had. There were several questions and concerns that I had with the property and he was able to answer each of them. One thing that I especially liked was that if something needed to be fixed or replaced, Craig had very good knowledge of when it would need to be replaced and a rough estimate of how much it would cost. I would definitely recommend Craig Manock for your home inspection as he was knowledgeable, friendly and completed the inspection in a timely manner.

Thanks Again Craig!!
— Stephanie Dirks

Great job on the inspection Craig. Your professionalism and general knowledge of home structures was very helpful in identifying potential problem areas and safety items. The final inspection report was very informative and provided detailed information regarding the condition of our new home. We also appreciate your willingness to answer any prospective questions or concerns regarding our newly purchased home and we would definitely contact you if ever we were in need of home inspection services.
— Stan & Donna Zimmerman

First time buying a house and you made it very easy and increased my confidence in what I was buying. I really liked your maintenance suggestions for my windows and the water heater.
— Chris Culver

My name is Brady Fritel and I decided to work with Northern States Inspection when it came to getting my inspection done on my soon to be new house.

I have nothing but good things to say about the job Craig did. He was very thorough and did a good job letting me know what he found in a way I could understand. He was more than willing to answer any questions that I had and actual encouraged me to ask questions. I also got the feeling that Craig would have no problems with me calling with a couple follow up questions as well.

I would definitely recommend working with Northern States Inspection.
— Brady Fritel

Scott and I can’t thank you enough for doing our home inspection. Being a first time homebuyer, and not having a “handy man” bone in either mine or my husbands bodies, we were very nervous about the inspection. You saw things we wouldn’t have. You educated us about things that we needed to think about in the future. You made sure we understood what you were saying.... Thank you for the home inspection. We are officially going to own a house!
— Brittaney van der Hagen

It was a pleasure working with you on our home inspection. You are a very informative and honest person to work with. You answered all my questions and brought up things that I should have questioned but did’t think of. We will be recommending you to anyone looking for a home inspection. Thank you
— Jeff Hersch

Craig was great to work with, he took the time to explain any question that was thrown at him. He was very polite and respectful. Those are two very hard to find traits these days when dealing with a customer service situation. Also, he was very patient and he was very punctual with being there at the scheduled time for our inspection!
— William Solometo III

Thanks Craig, for the professional and timely inspection. From the ease of scheduling online to conversation we had afterward it was a fantastic experience overall. And as we didn’t end up getting the house we bid on, I’ll certainly use you for the next house we offer on. Thanks again!
— Logan Miller

Craig (from Northern States Inspection) is very relatable individual. He took what could be a nerve wracking experience and provided calm because of his experience and knowledge. Craig was very thorough and provided me a wealth of home-owner advise that went above and beyond the comprehensive inspection report. I gladly recommended Craig, as he was highly recommended to me.
— Aaron Lamb